Tuesday, May 7, 2013

winnie the pooh "holiday ribbon block" quilts

and now, back to regularly scheduled blog programming.  or at least the best we can get right now :)
so back in april, because it's now may 7th and april was SOOO long ago, i spent a whole day cutting out about 6-7 different quilt tops to power through sewing.  i picked different designs based on what fabrics i had as well as patterns i had never used before.  getting pretty risky over here!  anyways, this first design i may have actually seen on craftster, but i can't remember... it's on my pinterest (pattern link at bottom of post) so we'll stick with that for now.
lately, i've found myself in a very zig-zag/chevron pattern enjoyment.  since erika's wedding quilt last year, i keep finding and pinning those types of patterns.  no shame in that, right?  well when i stumbled aross this ryan walsh pattern, i instantly pinned it and knew it would go to good use quickly.  everything started out as basic squares, and from there were gradually stitched, slashed and re-stacked to create these intertwined ribbon patterns.
the plan, yet again, was to create one bigger quilt, but i basically ended up pushing the number of blocks to the limit due to running out of green & blue fabrics. in the end, i finished up with just 18 blocks total.  well, 19, but i didn't assemble the last green one.  i just couldn't see a 3x6 block quilt being a reasonable size, so i just "chopped" things in half, creating two 3x3 quilt tops (similar in size to my senior project quilts.  oh right.  those were pre-blogging days. hm.  maybe a flashback post series is in store for all those long lost unblogged projects)
it was nice to finally get some more "boy" quilt tops in my mix.  i find that i have a lot of girly fabric in my fabric supply box, so being able to piece together another two that would be able to go to a baby boy or two was fantastic.  i would totally do this pattern again, maybe mix up each ribbon row like in the original pattern.  i still have a bit of this winnie the pooh fabric held on to, so maybe it will make another appearance someday!
and now, for the first time ever in tp&oc history, i was able to locate the "original projects" these fabrics came from!  well, i could have done that with a few in the past, but i just forgot.  oops.  so on the right comes the winnie the pooh fabric & i'm 99% sure the green fabric.  i made this quilt for erika for her high school graduation in 2007.  the photos are all printed on jetprint ink fabric squares purchased from joanns.  i created the layout myself, using photos from 4 years of our friendship at that time (now going on 10 years... sheesh!)  the quilt on the right is where the yellow fabric came from.  i threw lisa a dino themed baby shower for when she was pregnant with kent, and made her this quilt.  i used a plastic template thing, also purchased from joanns, to create this pinwheel-ish pattern.  hm.  maybe i'll do another quilt in that pattern during this stashbust-o-rama.
original pattern:  ryan walsh holiday ribbon block
stash busting quilt total: 7

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