Thursday, May 2, 2013

april - instagram lookback

oh april.  you came, you did your thang, and now you are gone.  funny thing how months do that.  well, as far as the instagram summary, here goes.
- i cut, sewed & completed a quilt top in a day for my cousin (for his college roommate).  pretty impressive.  this all happened generally while watching big fish.  no complaints there.  sent it away to be quilted, and it was a fantastic feat.  love the bright colors for sure.
- i worked until 230, then a senior session at 6. b had the day off, and said he wanted to go to goodwill to look for silverware... or something useful like that.  did we come back home with silverware?  no.  instead there were nerf guns & darts a plenty.  after the senior session, i headed back over, with a gun borrowed from my brother to arrive armed just in case...  and it worked perfectly, since i ambushed him mid arena battle with his friend tim.  mwa haa haa.
- we also ventured out to the local mongolian bbq place in auburn to give it a shot.  it wasn't too bad, but i still prefer the place in roseville over this small cramped one.  they did have vanilla soft serve with chocolate sprinkles...  but that was my fortune for the night... hm.  could it be that unexpected relationship it's speaking of?  i guess only time will tell.
- my mom spy cam-med me while i was working on my display boards, and facebook messaged it to bryan. which became the downward spiral of him thinking he is hilarious and getting me to think i had just poisoned my lungs with putty dust.  like, drinking a tablespoon of vinegar have my mom check my throat for spots convinced.  he did all this while sitting eating lunch at round table down the road.  ugh...
- the first sunday in april i had sat down and cut out 5 or so stash buster quilt tops, and once i sent the non-stashbuster off to be quilted, i finally felt the desire to sit down and sew one from my stack.  which actually turned in to two small ones, plus a third from a different fabric set.  stay tuned for those in the coming weeks.
- more dart guns...  seriously.  he needs help.  he came home that day with a few more guns, a battle ax & one hulk hand.  and then we ended up at target to return magic card decks & left there with two "clips" of darts for his guns.  seriously, i'm dating a giant nerd.  we've devised a "tic-tac-toe" style decision making game.  hopefully it will be more entertaining than the basic coin flip should it have to actually be used in the future.
- last wednesday he came over to help put the finishing touches on the bridal show display.  we bought these latch things (that i can best describe as public bathroom door locks) to hold the boards together to lay flat front to back.  everything was completed that day, full of frustration trying to figure out how to stand it up by myself without breaking something...  and recharging the drill battery a million times was fun.
- sunday was the big day...  and everything went together pretty well!  only one slip up by forgetting to put the back pin in the cross bar before standing the first two up, but other than that, everything was fantastic.  i love how it turned out, and couldn't have asked for any better.  i talked to a decent amount of brides and seemed to get a pretty good response of weddings lacking their photographers.  fingers crossed!
- now that the bridal show was over, it was finally time to sit down and sew on some binding.  as usual with most sewing projects, there was help...  mushu tends to sit on the floor RIGHT by the presser foot of my machine.  this time, velcro decided he was going to be helpful by laying right on the blanket.  this time, it was mostly pin-less... but that wouldn't have stopped him either.

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