Thursday, May 9, 2013

hopscotch cherry quilt. sorta...

sooooo... this was originally from a pattern i found on pinterest.  but in the cutting/sewing process i guess i can say it became an artist's interpretation of a pattern...  more on that later.
so i had this cherry fabric for what seems like forever (the little cherries and hearts) because i think i planned to make myself a skirt or something out of it.  and then maybe i planned to make an apron.  i don't know... either way, i know i just had a decent amount of yardage of it and it needed to have something done with it.  the big cherries i had made something from... probably for a craftster swap awhile back, because the fabric was hacked up in to weird shapes like no tomorrow.  and i think the pink came from this bo peep dress i made for a photo project in 2009.  alas, this was the first stash bust quilt top i have had to purchase just a smidge more fabric for... and it was that pink.  oh well, at least it was cheap!
my number of blocks were built around the middle squares, because i only had just enough for however many blocks there were.  and actually, there are still a few more around the house i didn't use because of another fabric measuring oops.  man, this quilt is full of oops stories.
so here we have the full quilt top on the right. looks good, right? i think so... even if it's totally not how it was supposed to be.  basically, the insides of the blocks are all opposite of what the pattern has them as.  the blue cherries were supposed to be the two outside squares, while the inside square is the one that alternates.  the  "same colors" weren't supposed to be touching.  at all.  so basically, instead of hopscotch, this quilt is a bunch of tetris T tiles.  sounds like a legit cover up story.
block comparison.  cherries went horizontal, while pinks went vertical.  so very bright and cheery.  and girly all over.
yes, i plan to redo this pattern the "right way" and see how it turns out. maybe i'll like it better... maybe i'll like mine better. maybe it inspires me to do a full on "tetris" quilt.  hm.  maybe.  those seem pretty intense, and full of needs for "exact" blocks.  yargh.
original quilt pattern:  fabric cafe: hopscotch
stash bust tops complete: 8 <- four more, and i can technically call my goal met... right?  hm.  not really.  but this 3 month ahead of schedule boost will come in handy in june for sure.

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