Monday, May 13, 2013

black & white cats kaleidoscope quilt top

i'm still not sure if "kaleidoscope" is spelled right.
google chrome hasn't told me it's wrong yet, so i'm going with it...
this quilt reminded me a lot of the daisy chain quilt i did for meagan's wedding back in 2011.
not necessarily the exact same pattern and layout, but general assembly idea.  with a few tweaks here and there.  but it was fun to put together!  well... until about the last two rows.  then all sewing chaos broke loose.  more on that in a bit.
the original tutorial had all scrappy materials (which i may do again with this style of quilt. but more blocks) and was pieced on basic computer paper.  i decided to use muslin for my back pieces, which i guess was a good thing since we had no computer paper in the mouse anyways.  the cat fabrics were from my bag making overload days (one of them made for a craftster "cat lovers" swap here) and stashed away to make more for the craft shows lisa & i used to do.  when i started this "stashbust" project, i really wanted to do a black and white quilt, and when i came across this hoard of cat fabrics, i knew it was what had to be used!
the tutorial i used was really easy to follow, and i knocked out the majority of this quilt in one day.  of course, minus the cutting part that is.  i used the turquoise blueish fabric to create the "window" effect of the kaleidoscopes, and also keep it from being a little less of a black & white eye sore.  haha.  the hardest part was trying to get everything to line up so that no two fabrics were the same touching from block to block... which is where all my oops started to come in.  i got down to the last two rows, and somehow, no matter HOW hard i tried.  something was touching the same.  even though when i had it laid out on the floor, all was good.  or so i thought.  so while half watching "hitch" i ripped and resewed.  ripped and resewed.  and bumped in to the iron that was sitting on the floor (which i thought i turned off) and now have a lovely burn on my leg...  wheeee.  eventually, this little 4x6 problematic quilt was done.  and i think having the backs pieced on muslin helped my hulk style seam ripping.  it was intense...
here's how the back looked. much neater with the raw edges from each cat fabric hidden in between.  stashbust in this house also means using random spools of thread...  this one had that burgundy color, green, and i think some hot pink in the mix as well.  i emptied three spools from the drawer, so that's a plus!
tutorial used: film in the fridge's string quilt block
stash bust quilt tops total: 9.  whoop whoop!

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