Wednesday, May 15, 2013

bright "between friends junior" elephant baby girl quilt

so this totally doesn't count in my stash buster tally, but it was a full on quilt top, back & binding that i did all before the month of april was over. so boo yah there.
so my cousin ben asked me in march if i still commissioned baby quilts, which i told him duhhh (not really, but it sounds like a logical answer from me to him) and from there he asked me if i would make a baby quilt for his old room mate who was due with a baby girl in the coming months.  so when i was wandering joanns soon after, i stumbled upon two fabrics.  owls & elephants.  after much survey text messaging, and cuteness levels being measured, the elephants won fair and square.
this quilt was all fat quarters, minus the elephants & yellow stripe across each block. the "between friends junior" pattern i used was from a quilt book my grandma passed on to me, and it just worked fantastically with the multi colored elephants and bright colored prints.  i seriously cut, blocked and pieced this entire quilt together in one day.  with no seam ripping!
my grandma did the quilting for me, with a brown & blue variegated thread to pick up the color from the blue elephants.  please ignore my lack of thread picking...  it's recital time in our house so there are bits and pieces of thread and fabric everywhere... and cat hair.  it never stops.
a better shot of the solid brown back to see the quilting threads.
this quilt was commonly referred to as "ben's quilt" which always put a very entertaining image of my cousin carrying around his brand new very girly baby blankie. aw, so sweet.
to top it all off, i found out the baby came three weeks early, so as soon as i got it back from being quilted, i busted out the binding & hand sewing. blind hemming the binding is so blah to me. it needs to have more excitement to it. well... i guess i can be grateful it's smaller than the olympic queen quilt i did for erika's wedding, or even meagan's peacock colored ginormous quilt.
i found these in my premade sock box, and since she is probably still itty bitty, i sent them along to ben as well. plus, they're pretty well coordinated!
quilt pattern: "between friends junior" from the atkinson designs happy hour book

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