Wednesday, May 29, 2013

going back for the future

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the past few weeks have been... something.  something pretty hard to describe.  i really don't even know how or where it all began, but here i am.  about to begin on a new adventure, and putting this in to words as my final way of saying (primarily to myself) i'm doing what i'm doing, and i'm going for it.
so basically, everything technically started about 8 or so months ago when B & i started dating.  he was encouraging me to go for a job where i could support myself and not have to live paycheck to paycheck as i sorta do now.  he said i should be a teacher, and every time he said it i blew him off, thinking the idea was dumb, telling him i didn't want to go back to sac state for a teaching credential, or just getting annoyed with him telling me over & over again.  i saw the stress that the credential program gave jenny, and i just didn't want to do it.  well, fast forward to march.  i interviewed for a job at an insurance company basically back to back within a weekend of interviewing for the job i now have at the play center in folsom.  i got the job at the play center the same day i interviewed, and then that night, B said "hey, let's look at state jobs" and then, i got frustrated again.  i didn't want a desk job, and i was getting frustrated with him not accepting how my employment status was now.  now that i had two jobs, plus my photo business, i was hoping he would be content.  well, either he was, or just wasn't saying anything.  i'm betting on the latter.
i also interviewed a month or so later at my old job, hoping it would be for the full time position i was entirely too qualified for.  mind you, i applied back in january after my seasonal period at a retail store was completed, and i had recently accepted the play center job.  they were willing to work with my availability as far as keeping the two other jobs i currently had, which meant more money, but it also meant so much more stress & far less of a social life.  i would be going back to an old job, but not in a good way.  needless to say when they did offer me that job, i turned it down.  which felt good.
and then may happened.  i have no idea what made the switch in my brain, but i found myself thinking in to the idea of teaching.  yeah, exactly what i didn't think i wanted to do.  i thought it through for a few days, and then started the conversation off with "so, promise you won't end this with 'i told you so...'" and he didn't.  the next day i "applied" for sierra college, got "accepted" and then began the process of re-enrolling.  i sent my transcripts, filled out the fasfa thing, and then managed to get a counseling appointment the same day i called.  she marked out a "plan" for my goal, and also discovered i got all my enrollment fees waved.  so stoked.  i kept it pretty secret from the majority of my friends for a few weeks, but then finally decided to let the cat out of this bag.  for those of you that missed the facebook announcement, starting this fall i'll begin my (hopefully) three semester journey to get my early childhood education certificate, allowing me to teach preschool.  not planning on going full on for another associates degree... but i guess we'll see where my unit amount hits at the end of 2014.  haha.
when the day comes, i know i'll miss teaching dance classes, but i also know i can't do that forever.  my goal of teaching preschool will fill that "working with kids" hole, and also create a career of it versus a part time job. am i nervous about going back to school after i've been graduated with a bachelor's degree for two years?  yes.  am i excited about it?  yes.  am i ready for a new change in my life??  ohhhhhh yesssssss :)  plus, back to school means a reason for "back to school" clothes shopping.  haha.
and a side note, NO i am not taking a break from my photography business.  i've booked two weddings so far for 2014, and hope that plenty more will come my way.  yes, it does sound a little crazy to be going back to school in the midst of working two jobs, owning a business & still keeping up my social life, but i have an amazing gathering of people close to me that are understanding & supportive.  i'm grateful for each of those who are still around after all these years, and even those that have just entered in to the picture not too long ago :)
i'm sure someday, when this is all said & done... he'll tell me "i told you so"

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