Monday, July 7, 2014

weekend wips

lets try and bring back something that hasn't happened in quite some time, shall we?
the last time i did weekend wips posts was in 2013... but really in 2011/2012 they were more regular.
now that school is currently out and i've got a whole lot of crafting going on, i'll try and revive these types of posts (at least for the summer).  in reality, this is all that happened in the last week, not just over the weekend.  plus i'll properly tag things so they don't end up mixed in with my "weekend" fun posts.  so much confusion!  so here's a quick run down (some photos included) of what's happening:
music donation raffle quilts
another year, another round of donation raffle quilts.  last year's raffle quilts turned out to be pretty successful, so my mom decided we should give it another go this year.  i still have blocks and pinwheels to duplicate the one quilt, and after much cruising of craftster & pinterest, the second quilt this year is going to be all triangles.  starting off with 204 of them to be exact.  so far the only progress has been on the triangles, and by following the triangle quilt along from the sassy quilter, i've completed through "week 3" and have all my triangles sewn in to 12 rows.  basically, that's how i spent my entire sunday...  besides sleeping in & getting my hair cut.
baby girl quilt
this just keeps getting pushed off longer and longer.
i need to stop that.
guess i'll hit up joann's this week and take advantage of the student discount month to get this ball rolling.
sewvivor round 3
lisa auditioned for sewvivor round 2 last year, and when round 3 was announced, she made sure i knew about it.  it is all quilting themed, and right up my alley.  yes, i plan to audition (that post coming tomorrow as i make some final touches on it) and if i don't make it in the top 16, i plan to still do a few of the projects.  yep.  even with my current chaotic sewing plans, i still want to make that happen.  just for kicks.  read more about sewvivor here... and be ready to vote when i demand it ask you nicely.
room cleaning-o-rama
i know, this sounds totally un-crafty, right?  but deal with it for just a sec.
my room went from it's normal messy self, to a little bit better, and now back to chaos.  why?  i ordered a new super awesome bed, and need to make space for it to fit in my room as well as eliminate some of the storage i had under my bed since things will drastically be shifting around.  so far already 3 trash bags have gone away, as well as a few bags of donation stuff.  there is still a long way to go, but it already feels like it's come a long way...  which this introduction leads to this
stash buster quilts
yep.  the quilt i keep talking about working on, but then never get around to doing has now multiplied in to two quilts.  how?  why?  well, this project idea that began nearly 3 years ago (oddly titled "making things happen" because clearly i haven't...) has now become more involved.  when i began pulling boxes out from under my bed, i realized that my flannel box was 95% pj pant scraps... stuff i was really never going to use, or even had much to use to create a complete project.  so in addition to my 3" square quilt, i decide to chop some 5" flannel squares... which turned in to my mom pulling out her giant box from the garage and cutting squares of her own, plus tossing stuff in to my pile... it was all one big chain of events.  i haven't done a final count yet, since i finished chopping things last night.  but there was enough fabric to fill 3 garbage bags to send to the humanitarian efforts at my parent's church.  and i haven't even gone through my cotton prints box again.  yeah.  it's crazy.  but a whole lot of space has been made, and at least the squares are more contained now.
so that's what is up right now... for the time being.
happy monday, and onward to more sewing!

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