Friday, March 30, 2012

bazinga cross stitch sampler

yesterday my sister turned sixteen. you know, the same little sister that would come to my basketball games in 7th grade and eat goldfish crackers with her Sissy cat. yeah, she's the one. weird that she is officially legal to drive (if she only had her permit...) and all that crazy "sweet sixteen" dating kind of stuff. As you could tell from her christmas gift, she leans towards the nerdy things in life. she's big in to science & star trek, and wants to do something involved with science after high school. well, insert big bang theory here.
i'm by far no way at all interested in the star trek side of her television watching, but when it comes to big bang theory, i am all there. something about the posse of nerds living out their social awkwardness just makes me smile. of course between my sister, my cousin & a few others in my family, i feel so much like penny on a regular basis.
i made this cross stitch for her on the drive to vegas, altering the original pattern i based it off of a little big. i used the same colors from her starship sweet starship cross stitch so that they can hang side by side in all their nerdyness. it sounds like she's planning to redo her room next week over spring break, so between those two things i made her & the sheldon poster lisa & brett gave her on sunday, she should have a good starting out launch pad for room decor.
and following along with her christmas gift theme, i also had to get her the "soft kitty" t-shirt so she can alternate with her "bazinga" shirt when she's in a big bang theory mood for school. or maybe it will be for her sick days... since that's really the only time that soft kitty is an appropriate song.
original cross stitch: big bang theory swap rnd.2 by edie22

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