Tuesday, January 17, 2012

starship sweet starship cross stitch sampler

somehow, my sister became a trekkie... don't know how. don't exactly remember when... but it happened. i decided to compete for the coolest sister awards with this year's christmas gifts for her by busting out my cross stitching skills. mind you, i haven't finished a cross stitch in years, so things were a little sketchy if i would break the trend or not.
well, the trend was broken, and i busted out this thing in two sittings. i probably could have done it in one, but my fingers decided they needed a break instead. so two sittings at my computer... because that is the ultimate place to stitch? i don't know... and that sucker was done! i changed the colors around from the original sampler that i saw online to make it a little more star trek colored with the red/yellow of the show's uniforms.
i have recently picked up a liking for hello kitty, and since she isn't as in to the "normal" hello kitty as i am, i stumbled across this shirt online and had to get it for her. it was a little bit trekkie, and a little bit kitty, paying homage to her past as a cat obsessed child. two birds, one stone. bam!
and here are the fun links as to where i found these items for inspiration and/or purchase:
starship sweet starship: on etsy
next generation kitty: on redbubble

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