Thursday, January 26, 2012

buzz cat diy screen print

this idea was so out of my element, i put it off forever. which led to parts of the same project theme not getting done. oh well. now that i know what i'm doing, it will get done. i'd seen people screen print on their own (yes. again with the shout out for pinterest) and wanted to try it. originally, i was going to do neck ties. but i didn't have everything to make the screens small enough. well, now i do. just minus the glue.
a year or two ago, my brother made my dad a print of his cat being "zen"... something his cat really is not. i wanted to made him something themed to his cat, and after a few photoshop tweeks, i had the perfect outline made.
i made the screen following the steps in the pamplet (very helpful) the transparency was made at kinkos for less than a dollar, and then i finally braved exposing it. everything was so much easier than i thought it would be. the printing was easy, ran one test print and was good to go. the rinsing was easy... yeah, i feel like i stressed out over nothing! finished everything up, wrapped it up and ready to go just days before christmas.
blog post used for tips & tricks: lil blue boo
blog post used for making your own screens: lil blue boo
screen print kit purchased: speedball super value screen print kit
my brother's original drawing:

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