Tuesday, January 10, 2012


a few "changes" so to speak.
new look. simple, clean, and better. allows for bigger pictures, easier viewing, and blah blah blah.
new name. toothpaste & orange cat
why: i wanted to change things around to a more "random" slice of life kind of feeling. and when i think of a whole bunch of things that really do not go together, i think of the paring of toothpaste and orange juice. but instead of juice, we have a whole lot of orange cat in this house. thus, the name pairing.
i wanted somewhere i could talk random. maybe have followers, maybe not. i have a netflix account i would like to use and abuse, so i want to talk movies. and lately, i've been yearning to read quite a bit... and i have two library cards i would also like to use and abuse. and some barnes & noble gift cards... well. lots of gift cards, but that's not the point. the point of the blog is to be more "candid" and fun
banner is temporary. i'm hoping my drawing inclined brother will follow my requests and doodle me up a banner that will fit the excellence i hope this blog to be.
yes, the crafty will be sticking around. but i needed to allow for something to fill in the gaps between the crafts. with the onset of erika's wedding, the large crafting for that gift plus the task of being a bridesmaid (and addicted to creating pinterest wedding of my own) i'm sure there will be lots of something to talk about.
so hang tight, and we'll see how well the ball gets roll.

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