Tuesday, January 31, 2012

january flicks

so we've reached the end of the first month, and survived the changes. well, at least i survived them. i don't know about how you readers (hello? are you out there?) are getting by. anyways, i took the liberty of creating a "goal" for movie watching with my netflix account. "goal" seems a little more realistic to keep at than a "resolution" so what i did was made a goal for every monday and thursday that i was home at night to be my designated movie night. this allowed the dvds to not just sit idle for weeks on end pinned to my bulletin board waiting to be viewed. here is the "watched movies" list of the month.
tap (1989)
cowboys & aliens (2011)*
dead poet's society (1989)
crazy, stupid, love (2011)
larry crowne (2011)
beauty & the beast 3D (1991)*
the muppets (2011)*
tangled (2010)*
when harry met sally (1989)
sleepless in seattle (1993)
the notebook (2004)*
boogie woogie (2009)
raising helen (2004)
just married (2003)
*notes movies that were not netflix rentals. just because i can

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