Thursday, January 19, 2012

reuseable coffee sleeves

ariana is all about thrifty & crafty. she tag-teamed with me one weekend for thrift store overhaul (the one where we found aileen's homecoming dress) and had a fantastic time. i knew she would appreciate something made vs. purchased, and from all the years we worked together and she ordered her almond roca mocha chocha latta ya-ya from the cafe downstairs, i knew she was a not trying to recover coffee addict.
pinterest struck again. following people is amazing thing. it's great to see what people pin and what things you could totally make. case and point... these reuseable coffee sleeves. when searching for fabric, the first two came easy peasy. she loves her silly dog and the color green. she's on an owl kick lately, but all owl fabric was WAY creepy or juvenile prints. but once i came up with the other half of her project, the owl coffee sleeve was no longer missed.
tutorial used from: the cottage home
one change i made was instead of using wonder under, i used fusible interfacing. and a tip i learned and want to pass to you! when sewing on the button, sew it to the non-interfaced side (interfacing side in towards the cup) so that when you loop it around the cup, the fabric won't bunch up :)

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