Tuesday, January 24, 2012

love at first bite cross stitch sampler

i wanted to do a good star wars quote, but nothing i found online was anywhere near jenny's favorite quotes... so i thought i would be out of luck. but then on pinterest, i clicked on the "geek"tab, and the idea of pac man jumped out and got me! although every sampler i looked at had NO patterns to share... so what did i have to do?
4 sheets of graph paper and a bunch of scribbles later, i had my own pattern laid out. a few things were off here and there, so i had to make adjustments that i thought would be suitable... and they were. framed that little sucker up, and it was ready to go! and well appreciated at that :)
original i rendered my pattern from: road to the heart
other pac man pattern that i WISH i had time and patience to do: sprite stitch


  1. It's totally awesome! And your photography is so dang good too.

    1. thanks so much for the kind words and compliments!