Friday, March 23, 2012

youtube finds - savion glover

last night, while all the crazies were lined up for the hunger games premier, my super awesome friend chris and i went out for a "date" to the three stages theater in folsom. for christmas i had received two tickets to see savion glover perform and last night was the night! the performance was fantastic! simply amazing to see their feet move what felt like 100 times per second. i thought since i couldn't video the performance, i would pool together a few of my favorite videos i could find of savion's tap dancing over the years :)
and of course, this one is a MUST share. helloooooo childhood!
okay, that was totally more than a few, but they're all so much fun to watch. and on a semi related topic, if you would like a good movie on tap dancing, might i suggest the 1989 movie "tap" staring gregory hines. it has a super cool dance number where they're all out in the streets :) happy friday everyone!

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