Monday, March 12, 2012

weekend wips [& front page news]

i feel semi productive this week, now that i laid everything out that i did in to words. to top it off, i used invisible thread this week - something i haven't done in ages, and do not plan to do again anytime soon once these wedding bits & pieces are over - and didn't want to rip someone's face off. yeah, using invisible thread is THAT intense.
the bridal shower/wedding: as far as the shower goes, i got a thing or two done here and there. i painted some pink stripes on 2 foam core boards that will be used for one of the bridal shower games. for that same game, i purchased a blank card set, as well as pulled out my orange glitter scrapbook paper to cricut some numbers on. i'm thinking this week i will crank out the rest of the game and finish it up, as well as hopefully get a start on the invites. for the wedding portion, the ring bearer pillow has been stuffed and sewn shut. texted off a photo, and it was well received with a "cute!" from the bride to be, which makes me happy. the set of buttons also came this weekend, and though smaller than expected, they will still be perfection for the pillow, garter, and potential hair accessories. so crazy how it's creeping up closer and closer every day!
baby shower: the main fabric is still sitting around, and i still have to go cruise joann's for the accent fabric. i ordered the template to use for the creation of the quilt (dang "online only" purchase... found it cheaper on amazon though) and now awaiting it's arrival. once it's here, i guess i will really have to start working on it!
t-shirt quilt: everything has been chopped. it was pretty intense, that's for sure. i mean, did i ever imagine myself hacking these shirts up when i actually was wearing them? no, probably not. but still, it has been fun "remembering" when i got these shirts, when i wore them, and all that jazz. a few of them i had to turn in to half block sets because the writing/graphic on them was smaller than the others. once i get everything all pieced together, then i will be able to determine how many more blank filler blocks i will have to make in order to get the quilt to an even amount of blocks and then get cracking!
i made the front page! i finally updated all of my christmas gift projects on to the craft forum craftster and for the first time, one of mine made the "hot new projects" section on the front page! seriously, i kept checking it every time i went back to my computer just to see if it was still there or not :) it was gone by sunday night, but the excitement of seeing something i made on the front page sure made for some "uplifting" excitement over my weekend. and in case you missed the original blog post for the apron, you can find that here!

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