Tuesday, March 6, 2012


have you met my cat? no? well today is your lucky day.
the "orange cat" is not the only one roaming the house here (and oddly enough hasn't been shown in any photos) but there are 5. 5 cats of varying chubby-ness, and this one here is mine. the fact of him being "mine" should actually be hypothetical, because i'm sure the last time he liked me was in 2004, when i got him as a christmas gift. ready? let's meet elroy.
aww... so cute, right?
sure, he appears as he is hissing... but i'm sure it's because he is just saying "HIIIIIIIIIIII"
alright. so truth is, the "soft kitty" song was not written about elroy, thats's for sure. i'm sure he hates me even more today for making him go outside... his under the chair bat cave is so not photo worthy. but there you have it. my "el diablo" panda cat in all his grumpy glory. and i was so pleased to find this sketch of the two of us on my pinterest account. yes, it has currently become my facebook cover photo for the time being ;)

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