Monday, March 26, 2012

weekend wips

tuesday i got a text from erika about moving her bridal shower. by that night i was shopping for invitation supplies so that i could get the ball rolling on making invitations and mailing them out by friday. that's right. her bridal shower got moved up by an entire month due to her schedule & mine conflicting with everything else going on in the month of april. at first i thought i had a TON to do still, and my mind was going to explode in such a little amount of time. but when i listed it all out, everything was pretty much good to go. it seems like it is all just down to little things here and there... which feels AMAZING... oh. and figuring out what i'm going to wear, of course ;)
bridal shower: invites done start to finish in two days. joann's had nothing, so i hit up beverley's on wednesday morning and found EXACTLY what i was looking for. but then when i got home and opened them, they weren't what i wanted at all. haha. my bad. but i think they turned out better than i had originally planned :) you'll get to see a little post on them tomorrow! erika & i also hit the mall yesterday & stopped at bath & body works to find some little game prize items. more like spent a lot of time smelling a bunch of different candles. haha! i also made the bath fizzies on saturday afternoon, and they're hopefully going to harden up a little bit more so they don't fall apart before they get gifted. just have to make the soaps, and then i can load the little buggers up! jars have been cleaned and i painted the first layerish of paint on the lids. i'll try another round before i go for the glitter layer.
wedding: pillow is done and delivered to erika. if i didn't mention it already, i'm super happy with it! on our errands running yesterday, we stopped at beverley's and i was able to find ribbon that was pretty dang close to the color swatch to use for her garter set, so we bought some and i'll be starting on that soon as well :)
baby shower: all pieces have been cut out (i think...) and pinned together. after a long saturday of fizzy making & pinning, i couldn't bring myself to start sewing... so hopefully this week... and then i'll find out how much more i really need to cut out.

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