Friday, March 16, 2012

del oro winter guard 2012 - time lapse video

when my dad and i went to vegas, apparently one thing he heard about that he REALLY wanted to try was time lapse photography. my older brother did something like this in the past of his drive from home to school in utah (or the other way, i can't remember) but my dad decided to try it using people. my sister had a winter guard competition last friday night at a local high school, so he dug out the sturdy tripod (that the 4x5 camera was still attached to) and set it up in the bleachers. the camera was started the moment they stepped in the door, and kept shooting until the last person from our school walked out the opposite door. the post processing is where i came in. the loading, organizing and compiling of the images in to the program, then getting the right pace to make the images look continuous, but still look like individual images. lastly, i loaded in the song that their performance is actually to and added a title and credits. there you have it! i'm still working on the set from the percussion show since i currently don't have any of their music to add to it, but as soon as it's done, you'll see it here!

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