Tuesday, March 27, 2012

bridal shower invitations - a photo walk through

hey peeps! so last week i busted out these invitations start to finish for erika's bridal shower, and thought i would do a quick little photo tutorial of them. yeah, they are pretty easy, but i figured why not? the part of this process i left out was the grumbling and beating of the printer while things weren't printing right... and the three cards that got stuck in it as a paper jam. so you get the pretty and sparkly part of the process!
cards - mine were originally planned to be 5x7 flat cards, but when i saw pink and the right size, i bought them. came home to find they were folded cards. long story short, i liked how they turned out better
glitter - as you can see, i used pearl glitter. purchased at beverley's
modge podge
blue tape - standard painter's tape.
paint brush
paper bowl to catch falling glitter/pour back in to jar
wax paper - important if you are messy like me, and do your crafting at the same place your computer keyboard is
step one: lay out tape to section off the area(s) you want glittered. for mine, i did a basic stripe to keep it simple and classy, but still sparkly and tie in her second wedding color (orange)
step two: slop on that modge podge! the lines taped off help keep everything in exactly where you want it and prevents bleeding of the modge podge.
step three: carefully peel off the tape. something about the blue painters tape allows for tape to stick down and do it's job, but not rip away whatever it was stuck to. i only had a few paper peel mishaps, but with my money practically invested in blue tape stock, these slip ups were minimal.
step four: pour on that glitter! i started from the top and let it drift down to the bottom that way in to the bowl. it generally stuck really well, and then i tapped the card a few time to knock off any excess glitter that may have come loose.
step five: let dry. and really, that's it! i finished my cards around 3pm. then got home from work around 8pm, and they were good and ready to stack up. no glitter flaking off anywhere or anything.
and there you have it! simple, easy... only five steps to go from blah plain cards to glitter fab. let me just tell you, this whole bridal shower planning process has been very glitter involved. so come the end of april, there will be much more glitter pink & orange-ness to be shared once the bridal shower is over. stay tuned, my friends!

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