Monday, March 19, 2012

weekend wips

this week i feel fairly productive on multiple fronts. although the rainy weather did bog down my progress on one project, others still got done. so that's a plus, right? i'm heading to the bay area tonight, so i won't get much done today at least, but there is still hope for the rest of the week to finish up things here and there... or get started in other cases. haha!
t-shirt quilt: well, i got everything ironed down as far as interfacing goes. i sewed the "double" squares together, as well as the "half blocks" - this will make more sense probably when i have the final photos. i was ready and game to lay everything out the next day on the deck, since that's the only spot big enough so i could map out my layout... but it rained. and rained every day since. i'm not totally complaining, because i love the rain. and at least it isn't putting a damper on anything that isn't a personal project.
wedding: the ring bearer pillow is done! and i'm SUPER thrilled with how it turned out :) and it seems so is erika (and lisa, for that matter). as far as actually wedding crafting goes, it is just down to the garters and hair pieces for the bridesmaids. i have ideas for the garter, but need to figure out where the fabric pieces went from the pillow purchases went so i could utilize those.
bridal shower: this past week i worked a lot on the memory match candy bar game. printed the cards, cut out letters with my cricut and glued them down. bought some of the candy bars, and repainted the white stripes on the foam core boards to be a lighter shade of pink. yesterday afternoon i started gluing some of the cards down to their places and stacked books on them to press them down while they dry (time to find out how well the rubber cement will hold and see if i need to use something stronger). other than that, i still have favors to make once i get a finalized guest list, and invitations to make and send out. once those things are done, i'll have to determine how much is left to do. which feels like a LOT right about now!
baby shower: on tuesday, i bought the corresponding fabric, and wednesday i began to cut things out. i still have a few more shapes to cut before i can get sewing, but i'm pretty excited about how well the fabrics go and look together. it's a new pattern i haven't tried before, so stay tuned for stress outs! haha

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