Monday, March 5, 2012

weekend wips

there has been a fair amount of shopping, not not a lot of actual sit down and craft-ing. but it was successful shopping. lisa told me about the store "charming charlie" and that erika and i needed to check out the one in roseville. well, i found a pair of shoes online and sent them to erika (kind of as a joke). what happened? she fell in love with them. we hit the store on saturday, found the shoes (but she has to order her size online) and so much more. a whole ton of pink and orange to make her heart content for the rest of her life. after that, i can say she's going to be pretty well dressed and coordinated for all bridal partying activities. and yes, i'm going to use every opportunity to state the fact i found shoes for her wedding for 80% off sticker price... making them a whopping $7.50 after tax. she won't allow me to complain about them though... ever. haha. what are best friends good for? i suppose it's a good thing i have 3 months to get used to walking in wedges!
the bridal shower: last week was spent scraping paint out of the bottom of a tub in order to try and make things last. well, my tub o' pink paint didn't make it, but after a few different stores, i found more and was able to finish off the name letters for the bridal shower. one thing down, a billion and one to go. but isn't that how things always are when it comes to planning? saturday we hit up joann's for fabric for her ring bearer, and after a whole bunch of fabric bolt dropping, we had success! the design has been chosen, and now it's down to cutting it out and figuring out the game plan for sewing it all together. next trip out together will involve finding ribbon to make a garter set for her. who knows, maybe if these things turn out, i'll go in to business! haha. we shall see ;)
the baby shower: i'm not planning this one, but i'm still planning to get my crafty on! i ordered the fabric this week off ebay (holla! fabric buying off there is addicting, btw) and it actually showed up saturday, so it's one step closer! i am pretty sure i have figured out what pattern to use for it, but the template i need appears to be a lovely little "online only" sort of purchase. bah! so for the time being, it's going to sit here next to my keyboard until i figure out exactly what i'm going to do with it.
other stuff: my room was (and had been for quite some time) a hot mess. with all that is going on lately, i figured i needed to buckle down and fix that issue. amazingly, it didn't take as long as i predicted. shoes to get rid of (aka donate to thrift store) have been gathered up and put out of the way. you know a room (mine specifically) is considerably clean when you can run a vacuum through it. and that totally happened yesterday. now maybe i can get down to chopping up ring bearer pillow fabric and t-shirt quilt interfacing. lots and lots of square pieces in my future. and yes, i did publicly post a photo of my messy room online. maybe it will make you feel better about your room... hopefully not worse.

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