Monday, August 4, 2014

weekend wips

another week of works in progress...  much of it was devoted to the music camp quilt, but it was absolute progress in that market, considering it had to be done by friday at the latest.  and yet, other things were still able to get done!
unfortunately i really don't have any individual photos for each segment, but anyways.  here we goooooo...
music camp donation quilts:
done, sent off and finished for the year.
i thought i would get some hand sewing done earlier on in the week so it could be sent up wednesday, but it just didn't happen.  i finished it late wednesday night (thanks to my dance class being cancelled for the evening) and then thursday sewed on the tag and photographed it.  sent it on it's way friday, and it was on to a new home.
moral of the story:  i will totally try and start these a little sooner next year.  i think i remember crunching to get them done last year, and that just makes for no fun with crafting.
baby girl quilt:
last week i knocked out the strips in one day, and this past week i continued forward and got the squares cut, chopped to triangled, resewed together, and then trimmed down.  originally i had a different pattern in mind, but it just wasn't working for me.  as of last night, the quilting was finished, and awaits binding.  that seems to be a common theme.  waiting on binding.  sounds like the title for my autobiography or something.  once the binding is a done deal, it's off to my aunt to deliver it to the recipient.  whoot!
room extravaganza:
i rolled 3 tubs worth of fabric on to comic book boards on monday, and that's pretty much as far as i got.  on the plus side, i only have one more tub of fabric to roll!  well... i know there is hidden fabric out in the living room to deal with as well.  ugh.  it's been quite a lull in productivity for this, but things are gradually getting back in motion.  i've got just under two weeks now until i leave for a week, and then school starts...  perhaps i should try and get something in motion...  yargh.
the color run:
a coworker of mine got me to sign up for the color run, which we participated in this past saturday.  it was my first 5k (or anything with the word "run" in it that i willingly signed up for) and it was a blast.  sure, i did a lot of walking, but there was a smidge of jogging that i did too.  it was quite a bit of fun.  how this fits in with the weeked wips is that i made a no sew tutu for the event.  knocked that sucker out in a day or so.  i'll have a post on that soon, once i get all my phone photos organized from it :)
in case you missed the edit to last week's weekend wips, i was not selected to be one of the top 16 for this season of sewvivor.  i'm a little bummed, but will still push onward and keep my happy crafting going.  i still plan to do the challenges, which the first two i need to knock out in the next two weeks before i go to colorado on the 15th (bought my first ever plane ticket for my first ever flight!) to ensure that i have my crafts done and entered for the sew-along portion of the competition.  all crafting will not cease while out of state, but i would like to have the sewvivor projects moving right along.
craftster swaps:
i took the plunge and signed up for my first craftster swap since 2009.  especially so since i've really gotten the quilting bug, but don't always want to have to make a finished product right away.  so i signed up for a quilt block swap, where i get assigned a group and make 3 or 4 of each of their blocks in exchange for them to make 3 or 4 of mine.  this will probably end up being the project that i work on in colorado, so that will be fun and small to do instead of heaving a beastly project with me on a plane.

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