Friday, August 15, 2014

the color run 2014

just about two weeks ago, as mentioned in a weekend wips post, as well show in week 31 of my 365 project, i participated in my first 5k.  yep.  my coworker adrienne convinced me to sign up for the color run.  something with run in the title.  it wasn't bad at all.  actually, it was quite a bit of fun.  adrienne told me she planned to wear a tutu for the event, and so that week i made my own "no sew tutu" for the event.  despite "run" being in the title, i jogged a bit, but we mostly walked it.  i would absolutely do it again, and hope that next year we can get a bit bigger of a team.  just for fun :) now for the gloriously messy photos from the day!
looking fresh and clean didn't last too long at all. here's the comparison between the starting line and the finish line... no joke
what once was white, was now shades of blue, purple, green and more
my tutu retained quite a bit of color powder, that's for certain. but it did survive the wash as well. so now it's safe for storage for next year
i made a headband out of some of the hundreds of scraps i still have... for kicks, here is the before & after emily face comparison.
after the festivties and color throw, we ate brunch at pizza rock & visited one of our old operations managers at the new 5 story calfit right next door. we might have left a trail of powder, that's for sure.  when i got home, and after attempted to shower the color off (i was still blue for 2 days) i made sure to get the front & back of my shirt immortalized before i washed that beast.  gotta love the blotch on the back from where my backpack was!
now that the color run is over, adrienne is now trying to get me to do a half marathon with her in march. oy!  but seriously... i know back in april when i had my work out goal of every week day that month that i mentioned doing a half marathon in disneyland... but maybe this could be the first step towards that crazy idea.  we initially talked about doing the run to feed the hungry on thanksgiving, which is a 5k, so perhaps i'll get my regular work out going again once i'm home from colorado and get in shape from that and then go from there.  i'm a fast walker, so that helps a bit as well... ha.  so i guess we'll see if i feel comfortable with the idea of "running" 13.1 miles.  the plus side so far, is that it is in march, and not august.  that's it.

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