Monday, August 11, 2014

weekend wips

insert random photo of tawny scrawny cat that has been showing up in our yard every so often.
why?  because i realized last night i had zero in progress photos ready to share with this post.
onward with the past week of crafting!
baby girl quilt:
this quilt is SO CLOSE to being done... but i've been so focused on churning things out with the sewing machine that i really haven't sat down and "relaxed" to do hand sewing on the couch.  i knocked a good chunk out last week, and could probably churn this out this week.  the goal will be wednesday, since thursday will be the last day i could deliver it before heading outta here.  the sooner, the better though.  i'm sure i have a slew of dvr shows i could watch.
room extravaganza:
failed to really work on.
i rolled a few more fabric pieces on to boards, but still have yet to really dive in to getting the final tub of fabric dealt with... as well as the rest of the room chaos.  chaos is probably an understatement...
i suppose since i'm trying to knock out two projects before i leave friday morning, i'll break this down in to two parts as well.
challenge one: nautical
this past week i really knocked out this quilt.  and now its just down to the final parts.  i cut and pieced triangles on tuesday, and then got a few rows connected together on thursday.  finished the top on friday and knocked out all the quilting on saturday.  the binding is attatched and is 3/4th of the way done, so i forsee it getting done tomorrow.  which is perfectly perfect.
challenge two: bag
i purchased the fabric for this on monday, made sure i had all the bits and pieces i needed when we did a joann's run again on saturday, and once the binding gets finished, this will be next up.  worst case scenario, this one comes to colorado with me.  oh bummer.  something to sew with my equally crafty cousin.  rumor has it she has dual sewing machines at the moment.  win win for all parties.
quilt block swap:
we just got assigned partners this weekend, and here's an idea of the blocks i'll be making for my groups
group member's own pattern (waiting on pattern for this one)
quilter's choice paper pieced pattern (never paper pieced before, so this should be exciting...)
split 9 patch
double aster
garden fence
home town, state, country theme block (this will be an interesting one to decide)
cat block
ribbon star
and for kicks, here's the choice for what i'll be getting:
broken herringbone
each of these i have to make 3 blocks of, and then will receive 3 of my own blocks from each of them in return.  i haven't done a swap in years, so it should be interesting!  send outs don't have to happen until october, so that's a plus.  once i get through sewvivor, it will all be easy simple crafting from there.  which will come in handy when school is back in action.  ugh.  and that's just two weeks from today.  where did the summer go?  oh well...
happy monday everyone :)

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