Monday, August 25, 2014

weekend wips

hello readers, and welcome back to the regularly scheduled program!
after 8 days in colorado, it's time to recap where things have gone since the last weekend wips post before i left.  i feel like a lot happened, but not much at the same time.
well.  here we go!
challenge one: done!
challenge two: done! come back thursday to see :)
challenge three: my hexagons are a current work in progress, but they're zooming right along.  i'm finding some of my scraps were too short to reach end to end like desired, so a bit of fudging had to occur.  so far i'm 3 colors down, 2 left to go.  moving right along, considering i only started working on this one saturday night.  not too shabby.
challenge four: this project is the "lap quilt" challenge, and the powers between a fantastic free pattern and a trip to an amazing quilt store while i was in colorado has produced a project i'm very excited about.  lisa and i ventured to holly's quilt cabin the day i landed.  and the day after.  and the monday after.  and the friday i left.  yeah, it was a pretty fantastic store.  lorelai helped me pick the fabric for this quilt, and since i finished my challenge 2 bag project while i was in colorado with time to spare, i started cutting and piecing some of this quilt.  which was good, because i learned that i was short some fabric (hence the fourth trip to the store)
super excited.  i just want to zoom through the hexagons just so i can work on this one some more.
baby girl quilt:
done, photographed, and sent on it's way.
not sure when this one is being delivered, so i'll wait a smidge longer to blog it.
baby boy peterson quilt:
while i kept this one hush hush on the blog posts, i'm sure lisa knew something was up.  i made a baby boy quilt using superman-ish colors, and a fantastic sheet for the backing.  well, words can't describe this quilt really, so you'll have to wait for this post in the coming weeks :)
on a side note, baby boy peterson is HOPEFULLY making his debut sometime today.  little bugger wouldn't come out to see me while i was there.  super rude, little man.  super rude.
quilt block swap:
the furthest i have gotten on this is purchasing some halloween fabric and pre-washing it.  now that school has started (today... ugh) i am certain my crafting speeds will slow down a bit.  no more quilt every two weeks, but these blocks will be done in the next month or so, simply to keep on crafting (and to not get negative feedback for not sending on time.  uck!)  i'll probably attempt to bust these halloween blocks out in the next month, and then move forward from there.  a few blocks involve paper piecing, so deciding on those will be an adventure in itself.

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