Tuesday, August 26, 2014

colorado via camera phone

8 days in colorado. 8 seems like such a big number, but in reality, the time zoomed by.
it doesn't even feel like i slept on the floor that many nights, or was attacked by hugh puppy that many days either.  it was a great little get away, and it was awful to leave when friday rolled around again and it was time to get back on that plane and go home to california.  here's a little recap of each day, as told by the photos on my phone.
friday i went to bed at basically 1 am or so, and woke up at 345 to pull myself out of bed and head out to the airport.  i had never been on a plane up until this trip, so that was quite an adventure.  security was easy, and i got there just in time to walk to my line and get boarded.  i somewhat dozed off the twoish hours of the flight, and when i landed in denver and wound my way through, there was a kenty and a lisa waiting for me.  we found my bags, headed to get brett from work, and then came back to their apartment.  the boys were left at home, and lisa and i ventured off to get some quilt store viewing out of the way, in case baby came as hoped/desired.  the first store we went to was holly's quilt cabin... and it was fantastic.  so much to look at, and so fantastically organized.  we took our time to cruise the aisles and try to see everything there was to offer.  then we stopped at the quilt shop lisa took her machine to get fixed at, and it was mediocre in comparison.  poor quilt shop just couldn't live up to the cabin expectations.  we came back home after a stop at taco bell, and then i picked lorelai up from the bus stop.  we walked target, and then headed to red robin (yummm) for dinner.  the kids menu had the square dot game on it... and once i taught lorelai how to play, it happened ALL THE TIME that week.
saturday, after a walk around the neighborhood and some french toast, we ventured out to ikea to yet again, walk.  i had never been to an ikea before, and it was quite a sight.  so much to look at.  so much desire to have my own place to decorate now.  after ikea, we went to the quilt cabin (again) and i picked out some fabrics for my intentions for sewvivor challenge #4.  lorelai helped pick out some of them as well, which added to the colorado-esque specialness of the project.  we had a short stop at the mall in denver to check out the american girl store, and a few other stops to make kent & brett not feel overly girl-ed out.  yet.  we came back, and after a bit of relaxing, went for a swim in the pool.  not really much swimming for me.  just soaking.
sunday was church day, and i went with lisa & brett to their ward.  the building was from the 1930s or so, and had an... interesting... mural painted on the chapel wall.  after church we headed back home for lunch, and then there was some chaotic frisbee toss that happened.  lorelai was all about board games this week, and so the two of us and kent played a short game of life before dinner.  oddly, we all ended up with a set of twins in the game.  must be those strong carroll genes.  (in case you forgot, or chose to not know, my dad & lisa's dad are twins)
there was some t-shirt blanket cramping for lorelai & i while we watched the croods that afternoon.  another movie that weekend that i had never seen before (along with the internship & couple's retreat)
cute little movie.  we also played uno roboto that evening, which was an entertaining "enhanced" version of uno.
yes, this is monday.  and yes, that means the third time for visiting the quilt cabin in four days.  we came back because lisa wanted to get some halloween fabrics for a quilt she had in mind.  we also stopped at a few joann's this day (i think... the joann's trips all blur together) but this store photo was taken from the back of the store.  as you can see, it is fantastically deep and full of glorious things.  we prewashed most of our fabrics that day as well, and began to iron them out.  at least one of three times i ironed my fabrics i'm sure.
tuesday we hoped for news that lisa could be induced on thursday, and a baby sighting would happen before i left.  but alas, the hospital was all booked up with scheduled c-sections, so they scheduled her for sunday... two days after i left.  rude.
we consoled ourselves with crafting, got lorelai from the bus and stopped at joann's to get some fusible fleece for me, and a hexagon punch for lisa.  she's restarted working on a grandmother's flower garden quilt and as it turns out, this punch is the perfect size.  we picked brett up from work, and then did some grocery shopping.  hard core grocery shopping at king soopers.  weird name for a grocery store.
wednesday we took a trip to petsmart to get shaggy hugh puppy a trim, and in the meantime lisa got some fish.  got some glue sticks for the hexagon-ing, and then came back to craft some more.  i think this was the day i finished my bag.  it was so frustrating... i was ready to throw it at some points.  but now that i know everything i did wrong, i don't have to repeat those mistakes should i ever choose to make that bag again.  oh.  and the poor fish lasted maybe an hour.  after being acclimated and all that jazz.... dead fish.  took those poor fish carcasses back, picked up a ridiculous looking hugh, and returned to the crafty realm.  lorelai & i played some battleship when she got home from school, and hugh continued his quest to take over my blanket as we watched "don't trust the b---- in apartment 23"
crafting commenced.  i drew out some circles for my challenge 4 project, just to ensure i would have enough of that fat quarter.
thursday was the day before dooms day... aka me leaving.  i wanted to make sure that i documented something in colorado without my camera phone, so i had lorelai model my bag project for me.  and then she wanted to take some photos of it herself.  which then resulted in her climbing in to the bag head first.  you lucky readers, a sneak peek of thursday's post!  well, if you follow me on instagram like you should, you'll have seen a sneak peek or two there as well ;).  and then there was more collapsed hugh on my blanket.   followed by cutting and sewing, in which i got as much of my project together that i could because i ran out of fabric.  bummer, one last trip to the quilt cabin before coming back home.
friday was a sad day.  so sad, the sky was overcast all day.  no complaints from me on that one.  we went to the quilt cabin one last time to pick up some remaining fat quarters for my project, and then stopped at another joann's for some white fabric for lisa's hexagon-o-rama project.  we ate lunch at panda, and then came back home to brainstorm some family reunion ideas for next summer.  we have an awesome quilt idea formulated, and really hope that it can be put in action. 3:30 rolled around, and it was time to head out to the car, load up, and then get lorelai from the bus.  picked her up and then we were off to the airport to say farewell.  i got there around 4:15, and had a chunk of time to kill before my flight boarded at 6:20.  ate lunch at some mexican food place, and then after a bit of airplane watching, it was time to claim my spot.  this time i had an aisle seat toward the back of the plane.  not so much fun.  i think i'd pick an aisle seat up further on my next flight to have less random people rub my arm on the way to the bathroom.  two-ish hours of ed sheeran & the occasional fruit ninja game, i was home.
despite the early roaring wake ups from kidlets followed by hugh puppy attacks, it was a pretty fantastic trip.
also despite the lack of baby that was SUPPOSED to be there...
and it turns out the inducing didn't work... lisa was sent home last night after all attempts failed.
clearly, she's got a super stubborn baby on her hands.
and clearly, i have to figure out another time to hang out in colorado with some of my favorite cousin peeps.
spring break, perhaps?  i guess we'll have to see.

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