Monday, August 18, 2014

throwback week - craftster finds

since i'm out of state this week and have no access to my computer programs to create the regularly occurring posts, i've decided to make this week a sort of "throwback week" to quilts that happened pre-blogging.  after digging through the archives and finding a few gems here and there (not quite all the ones i was thinking to find... but maybe at a later time i will) i really got quite a self esteem boost about the journey my quilting has taken.  haha.  i'm not knocking myself for these projects... because clearly i had some form of ambition at the time to do these the way i did.  so for day one, here's a few of the projects i was able to pull from my craftster posts from 2006 onward.
i did this quilt pattern a few times.  the one in pink & black i made for a random coworker at picture people (boy was i nice...) and the pastel-ish one i made for a gal that was at my dance studio years ago.  as the chain of events would happen, i even had the chance of teaching the little girl i made that quilt for while they were back in the area as her dad was deployed with the military.
this quilt was made what feels like forever ago for my cousin desi who was quite the dinosaur enthusiast at the time.  just a basic rail fence made with this super cute dinosaur print, sandwiched to the back which was a piece of fleece with the same dinosaur print on it, but larger.  one of those times that joann's was a total winner with cute boy related prints that weren't too goofy.
these two are probably my least favorite of this "throw back" bunch.  the nemo one was made for a disney swap.  the idea was cute, but now it just looks so... lame.  that tiny square in the middle and then border after border?  oh well.  it was my own idea at the time, so can't complain too much.
and the one on the right... ugh.  never again will i make a boyfriend a quilt until he likes me enough to put a ring on my finger.  granted, this one is dull and boring, and the back is actually a grungy old sheet that my mom was going to toss out anyways.  ha.  almost 8 years ago that quilt was made.
this one was for another old coworker (super nice emily, right?) that i made for her birthday.  i found the vintage snow white sheet online, and then purchased the fabric to best coordinate the colors on the back.  instead of tying or quilting this quilt, i think i actually put buttons in the middle of each block.  another odd emily idea, that's for sure.
and this last one i think has shown up here before (maybe not...) but it's a good one.  made for yet ANOTHER coworker (haha.  just kidding.  bff for 10+ years now) for high school graduation.  i love the concept of the quilt, but would execute it better if i ever chose to do a photo quilt again.  the part that bothers me most is the middle square in comparison to the border that i way calculated out.  and you can't really see it, but there was some weird "quilting" done between the middle and the photo border.  the bummer about this kind of quilt, is i really don't know how well it can be washed due to the photo transfer... but it sure looks cool.
come back on wednesday for the collection of t-shirt quilts i scrounged up!


  1. This is a nice way to lay out the photos in a quilt.

  2. I agree with Nancy on how you organized your photos. Stopping by from Val's Quilting Studio.

  3. It's fun to go into the archives and look at quilts from awhile ago. I also made one with buttons in the middles of the blocks. I think I thought it would be more fun than tying, but I remember that fastening them got old really fast. I like how it looks though. Your photo quilt is neat. They do fade, but I think they're a fun alternative to photo books or digital collections for remembering fun times.

  4. All the photos on your last quilt make it such a wonderful keepsake!!! I would have loved to have one of these from my high school days!!!