Tuesday, August 12, 2014

donner mine music camp week 2's quilt raffle prize - musical pinwheels

let the influx of new posts begin!
you saw the triangle musical quilt a little bit ago, and now it's time for week 2's quilt!  i had done this same quilt for last year's donation raffle, and since we still had bits and pieces left over, pulled another one together for week 2 this year.  it was fairly easy to pull together, and since i only had to make 3 more pinwheels, it happened like magic.
i switched up the quilting a bit this time around. last year my grandma just did a basic cross hatch all over, and so i broke it down to being different for the two different blocks. if it was a pinwheel block, i did a stitch in the ditch. for the printed blocks, i did a cross hatch within that block. both blocks were outlines around to frame the quilting. the border was also stitched in the ditch, and then once that was complete it was on to the binding.
as you can see, i didn't even bother removing cat fur...  but there you have it.
two musical quilts off to new homes, and a music camp who benefited from these generous, supportive individuals who send their kids off to camp.  until next year, donner mine!

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  1. It turned out beautifully! One of these days I will conquer my fear of quilts, till then I will continue to be in awe of everyone who makes them! :)