Wednesday, August 20, 2014

throwback week - t-shirt quilts

here we are, with the collection of t-shirt quilts i scrounged up.
granted there are a few more that i didn't even post on craftster (including the most recent one i made myself) so here is the handful to suffice.  there really isn't much to say about each one of these, so they'll be less words, more photos.
this one for aileen was made using wonder under and coordinating fabric prints to sandwich the t-shirts to. since her shirts were smaller, it was hard to get them all to be the same decent size, so this is how we improvised.
i had the crazy idea to do a double sided one for ben when he got his first t-shirt quilt. i kept the same layout for both sides, but switched up the thomas the tank engine fabric. remember... ben is my age. and this was made for him as an adult. that's how we roll in this house.
i didn't have enough blocks for this one for my uncle barry, so i added red fabric pieces in between, as well as hand painted two of the blocks myself. hand painted meaning tracing & filling in. no way did i free style those!
lastly, these are two of the three t-shirt quilts i made for myself.  the one on the left is the one that started all the madness.  every other block is hand painted in one way or another, and the rest are shirts i generally wore during zero period all four years of high school.  including some that i swiped from joshua over the years.  the quilt on the right is a collection of dance t-shirts my aunt bought for me over the years, and i decided to create this mini t-shirt quilt with a dance theme to it.  the back has a daisy kingdom ballet shoe print, and yes... that ballet bear is cross stitched on there as well :)
i've got one more throwback trick up my sleeve.  come back on friday!

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