Tuesday, July 12, 2016

baby a's charm (and 10!) squares quilt

not too long ago, a co-worker friend of mine's mom asked if i would be interested in making a baby quilt for her granddaughter.  after all the baby boy quilts i had been making, i absolutely said yes.  of course, i love the baby boy quilts i had been making, this was just a fun change of pace to shake things up and change the color pallet a smidge.  well, a lot.  she sent me a photo of the bedding that the momma to be had already purchased so i would be able to get a good idea of the color scheme, and then i ran with it.  i found this super cute pattern by elizabeth hartman called "charm (and 10!) squares" and it was perfect for this project.
the backing fabric was the inspiration for the colors used on the front - a few pinks and some blues to coordinate as well as tie in to the print that i also used on the front in the rows as well.  the quilt pattern was super easy to follow, and only used 5" squares.
the grandma to be asked me if i could add an "a" in their for the baby's first name, so i checked out which options i had in my cricut cartridge stash that would go best with the quilt (this one is the opposites attract upright) without looking too awkward.  traced it on to wonder under and then appliqued it on to the lower portion of the quilt.
when i was looking at fabric for the quilt, i was trying to decide between the larger print or the smaller.  when the pattern was selected, i felt that the smaller print was still going to be used in the quilt as the binding, and i think it worked out wonderfully without being too overwhelming.  it really capped off the top and bottom where the white row was and tied the front to the back without it being wonky.
i kept the quilting pretty simple as well, just following along the white edges. i'm sure i could have done straight lines all across and liked it just as well.  perhaps the next next time i do this quilt (because i actually already made this quilt again!  you'll see it next week-ish)
now that this little baby quilt has come and gone, i feel totally refreshed in to having my quilting vibe back.  now i'm still working on sending some crafty inspiring vibes lisa's way... she's attending a convention that is coming up soon!

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