Thursday, July 7, 2016

goodnight, quilt - winnie the pooh baby quilt

originally, i had a completely different direction planned for this quilt.  i had bought the fabric, made the blocks, bought MORE fabric, made the rest of the blocks and then when i went to piece it all together, i lost inspiration.  totally gone.  i had about a week until the baby shower, and no clue what i was going to make for my best friend's little man, until i started flipping through some magazines my grandma loaned me once again and landed on this quilt pattern.  "goodnight, quilt" by nikki maroon was just the inspiration i needed, and a quick trip to beverley's was the solution.
when i saw this line of fabric originally announced, i remember showing it to erika and we both agreed it was PERFECT for her future baby.  when she found out she was pregnant, and then that it was a boy, i knew it had to happen.  this pattern calls for light triangles and dark triangles, but i decided that each triangle would have a character print matched with a color that wasn't the same backing - i.e. the blue hexi poohs would be paired with yellow, gray and white.  it gave the quilt the scattered look i was hoping for without being too overwhelming in characters.
sure, some yellow prints touched other yellows, and blues touched blues, but it still worked in the end. it would be interesting to see what would happen doing this quilt again and how different it would turn out. that was one of my favorite things about the other triangle quilts i did.
i used a solid gray for the binding, which really helped tie all the prints in on the front without being too busy when it showed on the back.  with the original quilt, i had 3+ yards of this hexagon pooh & piglets, so i had more than enough to use on the front as well as the backing PLUS still have some that could be used as the backing when i return to finishing the original quilt plan :)  for the quilting, i followed the lines of the triangles to keep it simple and not too crazy.
when this quilt was all finished up, i had a huge sigh of relief. THIS was the quilt that i had envisioned for my best friend, i just didn't know it until attempting the first round.
i am so happy with how it turned out, and lisa might be right...
i think triangle quilts are kind of my thing...
just over three weeks until baby's due date!

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