Tuesday, July 5, 2016

woodland critters baby shower decorations

a little over a week ago, i had the honor of throwing my best friend a baby shower for her little man!  it is hard to believe it had been a whole 4 months since the gender reveal party, which means that baby is almost fully cooked.  i made a few crafted things for the baby shower, and i am stoked with how they all turned out.  so here's a quick collection of things made :)
diaper wreath
one of the major things i wanted to make was a diaper wreath that would serve a dual purpose.  one, it was a decoration (that erika ended up keeping) and two, it was also a memory game.
the wreath was hung on her front door for guests to see as they came in, then unknown to them, they had to try and remember as many things on the wreath as they could.  having been my first diaper wreath, i am very pleased with how this creation turned out!  here's a few more photos so you can see some of the things put on to the wreath.
i had previously done a similar version of this game at lisa's baby shower in 2010 as a clothesline, but i think if i ever throw a baby shower again, i'll totally do it as a wreath.
lifesaver & jellybean pacifiers 
i had made these for amy's baby shower last year, originally seen at jessica's baby shower so i HAD to do them for erika's!  last time i used fruit lifesavers, and they were SUPER sticky.  this time i used the wintergreen ones and larger jelly beans and i think these turned out a lot better.  the only thing i wasn't so fond of was the string i used this time since i ran out of ribbon (and couldn't find my big spool i bought last year)
we used these for the traditional "don't say baby" game, instead of clothespins.  we also added in the word "cute"as a word to not say.  i still had just enough spray paint from the last round to make these ones.
woodland cupcakes
these cupcakes were one of the first things on pinterest that i knew would be a perfect addition to the woodland theme.  the little "acorns" were the perfect touch instead of having globs of frosting.  i made 2 kinds of cupcakes for the shower.  one, similar to her bridal shower treats, were chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.  the others were vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting - i dyed it green to add a bit of color to them as well.  the acorns are made from a hershey kiss, nutter butter bites cookie and butterscotch chip for the stem.  clearly the buttercream "glue" showed up a lot, so i'd likely advise anyone that made these to dye the frosting brown so it wasn't as obvious :)
side note:
i didn't get a picture of the invites or bingo cards, but you can view them on etsy at inkyinvite.  they were perfect!

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