Tuesday, May 8, 2012

baby jam's eeyore quilt

i'm finally getting around to updating, the last few weekends have been pretty action packed, with the next few to keep up with that trend!  no joke, my saturdays are packed clear through in to june, with only one weekend off in the mix.  party hardy!  about a week and a half ago, i was at jessica's baby shower for baby jam, who is due to appear in just a few short months!  when i first got my "facebook invite" for the shower, i knew i had to make something good.  i went through my fabric box and looked at everything pink, but nothing jumped out.  i wandered the aisles of joann's for anything, but nothing.  it was on that trip (while texting lisa) that i got my brand new idea for the quilt.  i rushed home, hopped on ebay and typed "eeyore fabric" in to the search bar.  if you know jessica (well, if you don't, you will in a second) you know how much she LOVES eeyore.  i remember her room growing up was covered in eeyore stuffed animals.  EVERYWHERE.  her first tattoo (at least i'm pretty sure it was her first ones) was an angel/devil eeyore duo on her back.  so of course, i HAD to do something eeyore for her little girl.
the front was based off a pattern i saw on pinterest, which was originally comprised of a bunch of little triangles pieced together. i decided to keep the middle pieces "whole" so that eeyore would be better featured throughout the quilt.  the triangles were sewn to the top left and bottom right, in order to keep the lines straight for the next step.  i sewed the columns together, and then sewed the five rows to make the quilt top.  the last part for the top was the side pieces, which were just created from half hexagons connected by triangles in between to finish the shapes.
the back was pieced literally from what i had left. half was the blue dots from the outer hexagons, and half was the purple leftover from the triangles. the top and bottom edges were pieced together with eeyore, so he would be seen on the back as well.  my grandma did the quilting for me, this time in diamonds around the eeyores & side triangles.
the pink binding came from my box o' fabric collection, and i think it tied it all together quite nicely.  i later found out that the baby's room theme is purple and brown... well... at least there is a hint of purple in there with the dots!  needless to say, i think jessica was a little excited about it, just from her reaction :)
pinterest link to original pattern: click here
hexagon & triangle template by: quilt sense
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  1. I just wanted you to know that I l.o.v.e. this quilt even though I cant stand eeyore!