Thursday, May 31, 2012

may flicks

this month was pretty decent as far as movie watching goes.  i would have to say i filled my netflix account with pretty good choices (of course, i'm the only judge of that!) looking through my list, i also see that it was another very "nicholas sparks-y" kind of month.  one was recorded on my dvr, one was a netflix rental, and the other was a big screen adventure for jenny's birthday.  i'm hooked, not going to lie.  though, i think i've gotten to the point where i've seen all the movie versions, and it's down to just reading the books.  i will have to double check with my two resident nicholas sparks authorities though.
the only let down of this month of movies?  charly.  i had such high hopes after loving the book, and hearing good things about the movie.  but it was just... really weird at parts.  it left me feeling like i need to reread the book to see how much of it actually did happen.  can't see myself adding that one to my movie collection though :/

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