Monday, June 4, 2012

over the weekend - erika's bachelorette party

it's been awhile since an over the weekend post, but this weekend was over 24 hours of emily & erika filled fun.  after my staff meeting & makeup shopping, my weekend belonged to one fabulous bride to be.  her dress fitting was at 11am, which i bustled her dress like a pro on the first try.  then that evening it was time to get ready to party.  erika wanted a pretty low key party, and that's just what we did.  the evening started off at cheesecake factory, moved across the street to dave & busters for games, and then a stop at the glass turtle for more drinks & random dancing.  we were headed to another bar in natomas afterwards but decided applebee's late night happy hour was a much better decision.  kelsey, katrina & i stayed the night at erika's, went to bed late, got up early, so it was all an exhausting evening.  enough of my jibber jabber, the pictures make it better :)
it was at this point of when i uploaded these photos that i realized we never got an entire group photos... oops. at least we got the individuals. and this awesome picture of some of us walking in the mall parking lot.
hey world. this is my proof that i'm not 6'1"... kelsey is. please note (on the right) that she's the one having to lean down for this photo. and she was in flip flops. thanks.
the games were pretty sawheet, and we even got a few rounds of wheel of fortune in. not quite winning to the extent of the grad party ticket flood. got kicked out of d&b due to a private party (laaame) and then we headed to the glass turtle where i eventually had to throw down some dance moves...
last stop, applebees!
sunday was spent sleeping, and then going out to lunch with erika's sister, mom & her mom's friend jennifer at california pizza kitchen.  first time there, yum!  we found some SUPER cute shoes at DSW for her mom (while emily decided to make me try on this horrendous heels in the middle of all her random shoe looking) and then headed over and got our toes done for friday :)  4 days away. that's it! i cannot believe how close everything is sneaking up!  4 days 7 hours.  WHAAAAT?  stay tuned for those photos next monday :)

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