Saturday, June 30, 2012

june reads

the fact that all three books read this month were all nicholas sparks is purely coincidence.  i was hoping to knock out hunger games #3, but still working at getting my hands on a copy of it.  then i was going to search out book 3 of the uglies trilogy... but forgot to make it to the library.  i've found the "used" section of barnes & noble and have been putting past gift cards to use bit by bit.  and since i've been spending time with jenny & betsy, their nicholas sparks addiction has been rubbing off on me.  last month i watched all three of these movies, so it was quite appropriate that i read the books this month.  a little backwards, i know.  it's a toss up, but i think the lucky one was a little bit more my favorite read this month, closely followed by the last song :)
the last song - nicholas sparks
nights in rodanthe - nicholas sparks
the lucky one - nicholas sparks

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