Monday, June 11, 2012

over the weekend - erika & matt's wedding

friday was the day!  erika's wedding day was finally here.  the weather was perfect, the venue was fabulous, and of course, the bride looked FABULOUS.  all her hard work and planning paid off.  even though my dress had pockets, i couldn't pack my camera in it the whole time. here are some photos from the reception, plus one lovely camera phone picture :)

their first dance was to canaan smith - we got us
she played off the beach theme PERFECTLY in the reception. her cake was adorable! i enlisted the help of her two brothers, her little sister emily, as well as one of her brother's fiance to help decorate the car. for decorating in the dark, i think we did a pretty good job!
we survived!
it was a very long day (and night!) but i wouldn't have spent it any other way. i'm still so honored that i was her maid of honor for her big day, and i know her and matt will have a fantastic future together :)  it was a journey getting to this point, and the fun has just begun!  they're off on their honeymoon cruise to spots in mexico, and i cannot wait to hear all about it :)

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