Wednesday, May 30, 2012

may reads

i feel like this month i finally got back on my reading game.  after finishing the hunger games book 1 last month, i  stumbled across one of those "if you liked __________, consider these" lists.  i read the book uglies awhile back, and thought it was okay.  i decided to give it a second chance this month, as well as the sequel to it.  i would say they were a pretty adequate read.  after i finish my current book (which will start the list for next month) i will probably be working my way through finishing the uglies trilogy, as well as hopefully getting my hands on "mockingjay" just to complete my hunger games read.
and on a side not, not related to trilogies & sequels, i absolutely loved how real jodie sweetin got about her past in her biography.  it's crazy to read the sad truths about the faces you watched growing up on tv, but very empowering to see how they overcame their struggles.  it's definitely a book that i would buy to add to my personal shelves at home.
uglies - scott westerfield
unsweetined - jodie sweetin w. john warech
catching fire - suzanne collins
pretties - scott westerfield

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