Monday, February 29, 2016

my best friend's gender reveal

spoiler alert: my best friend is having a baby!
yesterday, while enduring a series of unfortunate events that will always coincide with this story, i (mostly) threw erika a gender reveal party celebrating her finding out what she and matt were having.  the days leading up to it i sharpied some chocolate bars, chalkboarded some drink jars and prepared some signs for everyone to cast their votes.  i ordered a cake that went with the "rifles or ruffles" theme from jaynee cakes that hid the gender in the filling of the cake.
the cake was perfect, with half camo and half ruffles. melissa with jaynee cakes was awesome and figuring out exactly what would fit our needs. she also did 2 dozen cupcakes to feed guests as well. loved them! plus, they were delicious!
this next one is my all time favorite, since you can see the excitement on both of their faces!
erika and matt were pumped that the baby is going to be a boy, and i couldn't be more excited for them. it has been a long journey to get to this point, and i cannot wait to see their new adventure as parents!
now, with the events of the day i'm sure you noticed that i "mostly" threw the party.
erika's mom helped with the food, but then as i arrived to set up, chaos happened on its own.
we went out to make sure the dogs were aware we were there and greet them, and then one of the dogs chomped down on my hand.  i was able to get away, got back in to the kitchen and started to run my hand under water.  while i was doing well, apparently my body decided otherwise, and i fainted... twice... my parents came and picked me up and then we drove to kaiser er (after 15 minutes with the advice nurse deciding what i should do).
got in, out, antibiotics and headed back to lincoln to make it to the reveal party right before the cake was cut and the excitement happened.  while i didn't get to fully set up, i am so excited i was able to celebrate with erika & matt and see them off on to the rest of their pregnancy adventure with their baby BOY :)
yes, i'm ok.
that wrap makes it look like my hand was ripped up, but i promise all my skin is where it should be, minus a few punctures.
i have no harsh feelings towards said dog.  crazy accidents happen, and this was a crazy thing.
she's been my best friend for 13+ years, its about time that i pass out in front of her :)

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