Friday, February 5, 2016

friday fitbit

last week, i gave in to the crazy.
a week ago today, my fitbit flex arrived!
of course, i got the teal one :)
it has been interesting to get used to, but also entertaining to watch my steps get tracked.
it is currently set to a daily step goal of 10,000 - i think i've made it there three or four times within the week, but the journey continues on!
i like being able to track a little bit more accurately as far as calorie burning goes - though mine doesn't track heart rate - instead of just guessing to see what the myfitness pal app says i burned.  it adjusts things as needed should i burn more than what is listed.
i'm clearly no fitness guru at all, but so far, i'm enjoying having it!
i'll be walking around san francisco on sunday for melissa & jared's engagement session, so i'm sure i'll amp up a lot of steps on those hills!
and since no post is good without a photo, here's a few things i've shared over on 52quilter's instagram account this week.   i'll be there through sunday, and i've even cut fabric and sewed part of my disney mini quilt together.  talk about progress!

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