Friday, January 29, 2016

friday - family portraits

as a photographer, i often get asked if i practice what i preach when it comes to actually printing photos instead of just leaving them on my wall.  the answer is a big fat YES!
my bedroom wall is currently decked out with photos from my best friend's wedding as well as various disneyland trips.  our family photos in the living room were beyond needing updated, so i got the idea to pool my siblings together this year for christmas and gift our parents updated family photos.  obviously, we'll be getting a new updated one come april with aileen's wedding, but in the meantime it was nice to have something other than picture people 2009.  i hired ann keen, a photographer in auburn that i also went to sierra will back when i got my first degree there (also in 2009.  must be a theme).  we went to a park out in auburn a few days before christmas, and here's a peek at some of the photos.
yes, they are actually printed and in frames... problem is, we realized how bad the wall to be repainted!  so things are currently at a stand still while we debate the paint and also collect more frames to get rid of the old broken ones :)  here's the wall we are working on redoing:
we are learning the entire living room may have to be arranged.
though, i can't let that completely happen until i am done cross stitching.  i need that lamp there!
all photos in this post except for the ones above are copyright of ann keen @ consider this your public service announcement of hiring a professional photographer AND having the photos printed :) anyways, here are some of our faces!
aw look at us all pretending to like each other.
party hardy, everyone.
it's friday!

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  1. The picture of your parents is my favorite! I'm not sure I can remember ever seeing you and Markham touch before.