Monday, January 18, 2016

the weekend

the teacher in me is cheering, because on a normal monday, i would be 3 hours in to work right now.
but this weekend, has been a three day one!
i wish i could say i spent time kicking back and relaxing all the time (well, i did sleep in) there is little time and SO much to do!  here's a few things that have been going down this weekend.
i don't have much sewing on my plate right now, but i self appointed myself to have a ridiculous amount of cross stitching to do.  aileen's bridal shower is currently planned to have a science/fandom theme to it, and since she already had a few previous cross stitches that i did (bazinga & star trek related) i thought i would add a few more to the bunch.  i've already completed a lord of the rings one, and currently in the works have: star wars, princess bride & parks & rec.  i'm still on the hunt for a good dr. who one, since that is what her fiance is in to.  while i'm not going to post the whole front with all the details on it (yet), check out the invitations i had holly design for the shower!  they just came on friday and then got dropped in the mail to go off to the bazillion people on the list. no kidding.  i sent her an idea i saw off of etsy, and she executed it perfectly.  as i was taking the cards to the post office, i realized the only thing it was lacking was a fat orange cat to be 100% representative of aileen.  well, he might just have to show up in other places.  like probably all the day of wedding preparation photos...
as well as aileen's bridal shower, i am in the disney mini quilt swap on instagram, and currently planning out my quilt project.  i have an idea of what i want to do, but just need to solidify it to establish what fabric i need.  if i get that figured out today, then i'll likely be hitting up one fabric store or another this afternoon/evening to pull it all together.  i do have a few "extras" planned for my partner, which i am excited about doing as well.  lisa hooked me up with the sew together bag pattern, and i am very excited to try it out for this swap!
yesterday, we celebrated melissa & jared's engagement at her parents house!  i'll be a bridesmaid in their october wedding, so all the fun is about to get rolling now that the year has kicked off!  they're getting married at the note to self: bring real camera to upcoming events.
even if it is just my outdated d80.
or suffer with the wrath of using phone pictures off of facebook for blogging purposes.

those of you with a day off like me, enjoy your monday!
those of you at work... only 4 more days until the weekend!

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  1. I had a three day weekend too!! Woot Woo!!! Outdated camera...I have to tape the bottom of mine closed! LOL!!