Wednesday, January 6, 2016

mickey mouse inspired triangle quilt along

i originally bought this piece of fleece around 2008/2009, because i had the idea to make a denim rag style quilt with it, paired with some coordinating flannel.  why mickey though?  i had ripped a pair of jeans that december while getting on to the matterhorn, and felt it would be an entertaining way to memorialize the occasion.  needless to say, the jeans were tossed many room cleanings ago and the mickey fabric has just sat around for years.  at the beginning of this year, i was inspired to put it to good use and make a quilt that was subtly mickey inspired on the front without feeling too childish, and this is the result!
i made this lap quilt for andrew's mom patty, because without her, i would have no buddy andrew to hang out with!  she's very much a disney enthusiast as well, and i felt would be the perfect individual for such a quilt to go to.  i had done the triangle quilt along quilt twice before (both times with music fabric) so it was very interesting to see how it would turn out with different fabrics.
when i picked out the fabric, i wanted to focus on the main colors of the back, sticking to primarily one or two colors on each print with a repeating pattern but not too busy.  i did find a few that were three of the colors in there, and they blended in quite nicely.  i still wanted mickey to be slightly involved on the front, and i found some great red on red mickey heads and black and white ones as well.  as i was laying the fabric out, i was afraid it was going to look too much like a circus and not very organized and i started to panic.  but there was really no turning back at this point.
once it was sewn together, i felt a MILLION times better about it.  i feel like the metallic silver on a few triangles here and there combined with the black on blacks also toned down the crazy of colors.  haha.
also, the red quilting wasn't too awful either.  especially since it really didn't show too much on the back.
i decided to put another layer of fleece in between the front and the back to make it cozier.  it added a little poof to the quilt as well. turns out, two layers of fleece is pretty tricky for my machine to cooperate with, but it made it through the challenge!  i kept the binding a solid black to frame it all off.
the tag was sewn on minutes before the clock hit midnight on christmas morning, and it made its way to its new home the following day.  doing this quilt right before leaving for disneyland totally put me in the disney mood, and kicked things off to a good start!


  1. I really love that Mickey fleece. (Ps. Mark and I are watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse right now) I think the red on red mickeys on the front are my favorite and I don't think it's too busy at all.

  2. Love that Mickey fleece !! Love the busy "ness" of it all !

  3. Fabulous fabric range. Your quilt looks great