Monday, January 11, 2016

andrew's birthday quilt - the great fabric search

meet andrew.
some of you are already familiar with this cool kid from previous posts, my facebook timeline and instagram photos, but others haven't been so lucky yet.
if there is one thing that andrew and i share, it is our love for disneyland (and disney in general)
i like to spoil andrew sometimes.
at one point in time, high school musical was his favorite thing.
i took him to build a bear to stuff a bear.
there was another time i took him to disney on ice to see high school musical on ice with jenny and erika.
oh.  and we wore matching t-shirts too.
and had a photo shoot at my old work.
now, andrew's big thing is frozen.
i've made him some pillowcases and pajama shorts from olaf fabric for the past few birthdays.
but for this year's birthday, i want to plan something big for him.  and that's where you followers come in!  i'm creating a disney/pixar "i-spy" style quilt for andrew, and i'm on the hunt for fabric of all sorts of animated disney cotton prints!  i have a good chunk of more modern/current selections of characters, but i'm looking for some more uncommon ones, or things i might not have just yet.  i have at least a quarter of a yard of each fabric if you see anything you might like drop me a line and we can make a swap happen!  below are the fabric cuts that i have, as well as the quantity per movie.  some of the following are multiple cuts from the same fabric in order to get different characters in the mix.  oh, and my block sizes are 6 1/2" pre washed :)
inside out - 6

snow white - 3
lion king - 3
cars - 11
planes - 2
the good dinosaur - 2
tinkerbelle - 2
peter pan - 1
jake and the neverland pirates - 1
101 dalmatians - 2
lady and the tramp - 1
aristocats (marie) - 2
phineas & ferb - 1
high school musical - 1
this is the only "non animated" one i intend to include, due to andrew's past high school musical interest :)
villains - 4
bambi - 2
dumbo - 1
the jungle book - 1
nightmare before christmas - 2
big hero 6 - 3
winnie the pooh - 5
finding nemo - 5
monsters inc/university - 1
toy story - 14
frozen - 12
mickey & friends - 13
the little mermaid - 3
aladdin - 2
sleeping beauty - 2
princess & the frog - 1
beauty and the beast - 3
cinderella - 4
tangled - 2
as you can see, i'm very top heavy on toy story (my favorite), frozen (his/everybody and their mother's favorite), and mickey & friends fabrics.  there are a few fabrics i have that i might not include (jake & the neverland pirates) as well as trying to keep some of the pink-ness down to a minimum.  anything animated disney/pixar is greatly appreciated!  feel free to drop a comment below if you think you might have something to blend with this collection and if you'd want to trade for a chunk of something you see if the mix!

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  1. You stash astonishes me though I really shouldn't be surprised. I'm afraid I've got nothing to offer you and kale and the neverland pirates is bomb dot com. You'd be lucky to have him.