Friday, January 22, 2016

fitness friday

i'm realizing how boring these posts are to type up.
and how HARD it is to find photos for them within a week - particularly because i take all my own photos, and sweaty work out photos are no bueno.
SO with that said...
i'm going to shake up fridays.
they won't always be about fitness.
they might be about food.
they might be about random favorite things.
they might just be about fabric.
i'll ideally post about fitness once a month or so, until i get in a good rotation of 3-5 things i want to always post about on fridays (generally using the letter "F" as a key factor, for my pre-k alliteration brain to have a laugh)
so in the mean time...
i worked out 4 out of 5 days this week (meetings this morning threw that groove off)
ate pretty well this week - only 2 sodas so far since sunday.
just to add some visual.  here's a work out "selfie" i had to take, as well as a quote for my challenge group.
now i'm literally running out the door for work again. happy friday!

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