Friday, January 15, 2016

fitness friday

look!  it's a thing two weeks in a row!
and i actually got it posted on friday this time.
week 2 of the challenge group has gone by, and so far i'm still alive.
i have done better at some of my goals for sure, but still missing a good amount of food i usually ate (oh taco bell...)
i didn't bullet point this as well as i did last week, so here goes memory attempts.
monday i worked out after i got off work and then gave in to the urges of jimboys for dinner.
CLEARLY not under the "clean eating"category, but it happened.
i did resist ordering the extra flour tortilla...  baby steps, people.
21ish oz of soda, no refills.
tuesday another after work work out.
bought some zucchini to use my new vegetti on at some point.
erika and i went out to dinner that night, and had boudin's (chili bread bowl. yum.  no soda) and also got pink berry (tart flavor, all fruit toppings)
wednesday dance class work out.
used the vegetti for the first time (as seen above) and lived to tell the tale.
i am not a fan of zucchini at all, but cooked like this with a little spaghetti sauce, WAY more tolerable.
thursday i almost didn't work out, but i made myself do a basic abs and stretch work out on the turbo fire dvd i have,  it was rough while i was doing it, but didn't wake up sore.  must need to go harder.  had another round of pasta, because i had a third zucchini left.  and then i ate popcorn and regretted it almost immediately.
friday clearly, the day is just beginning, but i already did a work out on the turbo fire dvd.  i am certain i will drink i cup of soda (likely from panera) with lunch today, and i will resist the 99 cent pastry.  even though i love chocolate chip cookies.  i have purchased some cliff bars, which so far aren't terrible.  i'm not sure where they fall on the scale of nutrition and proper eating choices, but i am also pretty sure there could be way worse things.  like an actual chocolate chip cookie from panera.  dinner... i have no clue.  i didn't get a chance to prep anything, and i work until 7 tonight.  so hopefully, i don't give in to my usual friday desires.  i do have some medicore taquitos left from last week, so if all else fails, there are those.  i REALLY wanted chicken tortilla soup last night,  so i'll probably hunt up a recipe for that in the near future.
happy friday!

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  1. I almost always regret popcorn immediately after eating it.