Friday, January 1, 2016

and so, 2016 begins

what?  two blog posts in a row?
a year ending/beginning will do that to you i suppose!
(i also got a swift blogging second wind once midnight hit, and now have photos prepared for 3 more posts to come.  say whaaaat?)
here we are at 2016, and of course i looked back at last year's post to see what i wrote, and everything that changed or was not accomplished this past year.
looking back can be hard, but it can also be refreshing.
sure, i could easily sit and make a list of goals that may or may not happen, but instead, here are some things that i know will be happening next year:
- aileen's wedding
- trip to alaska
- officially get my degree in ECE
- melissa's wedding

my list of travel places each year still grows.  mostly stateside right now, since that's more plausible and affordable.  the top 3 on my list are still:
- new york
- new mexico
- colorado (unless lisa ends up moving elsewhere.  then that will be the destination in this spot)

another list that keeps growing is my sewing/crafting projects for 2016!  as the year goes on, i'm almost positive this list will grow in size.  i can't list these ones out individually as of yet:
- 5 people sized quilts
- 1 disney mini quilt (instagram swap)
- handful of cross stitch projects

as far as the photography business side of life goes, i currently have 3 weddings booked for 2016 and a bridal show at the end of january to hopefully get my name out there a smidgen more.  2015 was a great year with 6 wonderful couples and i hope for many more fantastic ones to come in the future.

of course, it is still fun to throw in a few personal challenges each year.  nothing too intense or heartbreaking if they don't get met.  if you've seen my goodreads challenges the past few years, you know what i mean...or this past year's "sew your stash" attempt.  ha!  but seriously... i'd like to give myself some more serious fitness/work out goals, or even some organization/anti-hoarder looking goals.  i do keep attempting to find a decent blog challenge as well... so if you see something pop up on my pinterest under those categories, now you know!

oh and that always failed goodreads challenge?
i totally set it up again this year.
will i make it to 10 books this year?
stay tuned to find out!

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  1. You're first sentence was exactly what I thought when I saw your post just now, haha. Yay for another potential Colorado trip or somewhere else, we love our Emily time! Five people sized quilts? It sounds like a lot but you smashed it last year so I totally believe it can happen again! Good luck with goodreads ;) I'm really going to try and knock that one out this year!