Monday, January 25, 2016

the weekend

this past weekend was a pretty busy one.
at least it feels like it was.
i finished a cross stitch - yay!
i didn't do any sewing - boo...
i had lunch with some old dance friends - yay!
and i learned some sad news - boo.
saturday morning it was posted that my dear child hood best friend's mom passed away that morning.  while i don't exactly know all the circumstances, it still hurts my heart regardless.  growing up, there were three houses i was generally at.  mine, elyse's or jessica's.  jessica's mom jennifer was wonderful, and always very welcoming.  i know i spent many friday nights at their home watching sabrina the teenage witch at their house, jumping on the trampoline, or playing in their back yard.
i remember jennifer's chocolate chip cookies so very well, and that ONE time we ate dinner barbarian style.
it. was. amazing.
i used to pop in every so often on mondays when i had time to kill driving from natomas to carmichael between work & ballet class, and she was always welcoming to let me in and chat for a bit.
while i hadn't seen the family in years, and (still) have plans to visit jessica & her little family in new york, i was looking forward to potentially seeing jennifer & randy at aileen's wedding this april.
my heart goes out to jess, kyle, liz & randy in this tough time.
i know i was lucky to have their mom as "secondary" one to me growing up.
until we meet again, jennifer.


  1. The pictures in this post are bomb. Is the second one from your baptism? I can't imagine another time when a double four generation photo would have been possible. Also, I recognize those dresses. My felicity still has hers!

  2. yep!
    the first one is from an achievement days activity (horribly cropped from a whole group photo) and the second from our baptism.