Saturday, January 9, 2016

fitness friday

i'm going to try and make this a thing.
clearly, i'm a day off already.  ha.
mostly just to hold myself accountable by blasting it all out there for the world (or my tiny bubble of followers) to see.  i'm currently in a fitness challenge group for the third time (the last one was december.  you can guess how well THAT round went.  this time involves a "biggest loser" type challenge, where prizes are involved.  i do personally enjoy prizes.
my 3 goals are as follows:
less soda
less meals on the go (which ideally will help the first goal)
creating a work out routine that fits my schedule and stick with it.
anyways, here's a rundown of how things went this week, as well as a few other little tidbits throughout.  note:  the "calories burned" is according to whatever cardio machine i was on said after entering my age/weight before the work out.  clearly, it is likely not 100% accurate.  and i should actually be filling this out as i go, but now i'm playing catch up.
soda intake: 21oz pibb xtra
water intake: 36+ oz
work out: 33 minutes elliptical/252 calories burned
playlist: guardians of the galaxy soundtrack, which paired well with my raptor bike gang tank.  apparently monday is a chris pratt kind of day.
soda intake: 0
water intake: lots
work out:  treadmill & a smidge of bike
playlist: "fall out boy & friends" (their self appointed friends include panic! at the disco, hey monday, paramore, motion city soundtrack, angels & airwaves, etc)
soda intake: 0
water intake: 64+ oz
work out: dance class. yep, i decided to go back, potentially for one last round of recital.  but we'll see.
soda intake: 0
water intake: 64+ oz
work out: 33 minutes elliptical
food: this day, i made ground turkey with taco seasoning over brown rice to take for lunch.  i suppose it is generally a healthier alternative to tacos, and it was actually decent.  brown rice, however, may take some getting used to.
soda intake: 20 oz
water intake: 64+ oz
work out:  when i first signed up, i got this shakeology/work out dvd combo pack.  the one i selected was a "turbo fire" kickboxing one, and it had sat forever.  i decided i would give it a go yesterday morning, and it was CRAZY how intense it was just doing the basic introductory one where you learn the moves.  i work up this morning with my shoulders sore from all the fake punches i was throwing.  who would have thought?
food:  after punching at invisible ninjas for half an hour, i loaded up the crock pot to cook some chicken to make taquitos when i got home from work.  usually, i'd get taco bell.  buuuuut i'm trying to resist most uber fast food and trying to stick with better ones (yesterday it was panera for lunch with a chicken ceaser salad and small mac & cheese).  i also made guac when i got home (chipotle's guac is still the best) and cooked the taquitos.  it made 10 altogether, and i contained myself to only eating 3.  they were decent, and i'd consider making them again.  potentially not with corn tortillas though.  bleh.  to see the recipe i used, click here :)
so far
i've been pretty good at keeping on track as far as soda goes.  i usually refill before leaving places, but i had 100% refrained and stuck with the one cup that i started with.
forcing myself to work out has been not terrible, since i have made my schedule to be when i would be transitioning from one place to another, and not trying to force it in to a window where i might be late.  i'm going to keep scouring pinterest for recipes to make to resist the taco bell urges, and when i do, i'll be sure to share.

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  1. You should check out the MyFitnessPal app. If you download it I'm sewl1sa !